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CBD products made with care.

Our business started as a way to help family and friends who were looking at trying CBD products where other products had failed them. Having grown on this basis, our aim is to provide that same level of care to every customer and in all our products.

Bespoke service

Whether you've tried CBD products from other brands already, or are just looking into whether CBD is right for you, we can offer the help and advice you need to make the right decision. We offer a range of different products for different needs, and are constantly looking at new research to help us give you a better experience.

CBD vs. Hemp Oil

Given the recent surge of interest in CBD, it's not surprising that a number of high street stores have begun to sell their own CBD products. Many of these products are hemp-oil based however, and misleadingly label their CBD content despite hemp oil containing very little CBD. A recent BBC article (linked below) highlighted that certain products didn't even contain an active dose of CBD in the entire product. Until high street brands begin to more accurately label their products, the only way to be certain of the CBD content of the products you purchase is to use products made with pure CBD. (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-48950483)


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Tumeric + Black Pepper (20x 20mg)


Our most popular product! This capsule combines the anti-inflammatory effects of tumeric and black pepper with CBD.
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Tincture (Alcohol free; 10ml @ 300mg)


This high-dosage, alcohol-free tincture is suitable for oral use or being added to food or drinks. We recommend the tincture to people looking to use CBD for the first time, as the dripper allows for controlled usage so you can find the ideal …
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eLiquid (Orange, Lemon, Cherry) 10ml


Available in Orange, Lemon or Cherry flavours. 70/30 VG/PG Contains 300mg CBD per bottle


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