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Tumeric + Black Pepper (20x 20mg)


Our most popular product! This capsule combines the anti-inflammatory effects of tumeric and black pepper with CBD. Each capsule contains 20mg of CBD. Contains 400mg CBD total.

Tincture (Alcohol free; 10ml @ 300mg)


This high-dosage, alcohol-free tincture is suitable for oral use or being added to food or drinks. We recommend the tincture to people looking to use CBD for the first time, as the dripper allows for controlled usage so you can find the ideal amount of CBD for you. 90% VG, 10% PG. Contains 600mg CBD.

eLiquid (Orange, Lemon, Cherry) 10ml


Available in Orange, Lemon or Cherry flavours. 70/30 VG/PG Contains 300mg CBD per bottle